Meet the Team

Want to know more about the athletes, unified partners, and coaches who competed with TEAM MINNESOTA'S Unified Flag Football team for the 2018 USA Games? Well, here's your chance...


Jacob ANderson | Unified Partner

Jacob (Yakub) Anderson, 16, has been involved with Special Olympics for the past two years. He has a huge heart for the underdog and loves being a Unified Partner for both flag football and basketball. Off the field, Jacob enjoys playing video games, hanging with his family and friends, and rooting for the Green Bay Packers. He also loves to make people laugh and has quite the sense of humor. Jacob was excited to be represent Team Minnesota at the 2018 USA Games, and gave it his all on the field with his Stallions teammates.


Jeff Barthel | Athlete

Jeffrey (Boomer) Barthel, 30, has been involved with Special Olympics since he was 12 years old. He joined the Stallions team 5 years ago and absolutely loves the Stallions! Jeff participates in flag football, bowling, basketball, and track and field. Off the field, Jeff enjoys wood burning and doing card tricks, so if you see him around, ask him to do a card trick for you. Jeff was excited to have been selected to represent Team Minnesota at the 2018 USA Games as it was an experience he will never forget. Thank you to Special Olympics Minnesota for this opportunity!


Andy Chatelle | Athlete

Andrew (Speedy) Chatelle, 31, has participated in Special Olympics since 2008, first with the Elk River delegation and now with the St. Michael-Albertville Stallions delegation. He has worked very hard in basketball, bowling, track and field (athletics), and flag football to learn the rules and to show good sportsmanship. He was excited to have been selected to represent Team Minnesota at the 2018 USA Games in Seattle! Andy did a fantastic job demonstrating his athletic skill and sportsmanship while he competed in flag football. He and the rest of the Stallions team have worked incredibly hard to earn this honor. This was a tremendous opportunity for Andy and his Stallions teammates. Go Stallions!


Brandon Heaton | Athlete

Brandon (B-Dawg) Heaton, 18, has participated with the STMA Stallions since he was 13 years old as a member of their bowling, flag football, basketball, and track and field teams. Brandon also keeps himself busy with his passion for photography taking pictures and he hopes one day to be a photographer.  Brandon considers Special Olympics among his favorite things to do because he gets to compete in sports with his teammates and build stronger friendships.  He also loves watching his favorite sports teams the Minnesota Vikings, Wild, Twins and New England Patriots play.  Brandon was super excited to have the chance to represent the state of Minnesota at the 2018 USA games in Seattle!


Timothy Horan | Unified Partner

Tim (Ball Hawk) Horan has been working and playing with the Stallions now for over 2 years. He helps coach track & field (Athletics), basketball, and flag football. Tim also plays as a unified partner with the Stallions, competing in track & field, basketball, and flag football. He’s married with four wonderful children who keep him busy each day, and he has one large Great Dane. Besides playing with the Stallions and hanging out with his family, Tim enjoys all outdoor activities. He likes to fish, play all kinds of sports, and really likes taking motorcycle rides with his wife. Tim has been a Special Education teacher for 7 years and has enjoyed every minute of it!


Aaron Johnson | Athlete

Aaron (Diesel Touchdown) Johnson, 17,  has been a part of Special Olympics since 2012. He is a year-round athlete, participating in bowling, basketball (unified & traditional), athletics, golf, and flag football. He is also a part of Special Olympics Unified Schools for Monticello High School. He is very grateful for all the opportunities given to him through Special Olympics Minnesota, especially all the friendships with fellow athletes, unified partners, and coaches that he’s formed through Special Olympics. In his spare time, Aaron loves to ride bike, go camping, study weather, fish, and hang out with friends and family. Aaron was honored to represent Special Olympics Minnesota, and the Stallions at the 2018 USA Games in Seattle. He met new people and made new friends along with being a part of this truly great event and organization. Aaron’s confident this honor was the greatest thing in his life.


Kyle Kauffman | Athlete

Kyle (Havoc) Kauffman, 16, is a sophomore at Buffalo High School and has been involved with Special Olympics for more than 5 years. Kyle participates in bowling, basketball, and flag football with Special Olympics. Outside of Special Olympics, Kyle enjoys playing basketball, participating in Minnesota Special Hockey, and playing adapted softball and soccer. Kyle has two sisters, a dog, two cats, and six chickens. In his free time, he likes to play the drums, play X-box, and spend time at the cabin with family and friends. Kyle wreaked havoc and tore it up the field at the 2018 USA Games!


Jeremy Kuhn | Unified Partner

Jeremy (J-Train) Kuhn has been coaching and playing as a unified partner with the Stallions Special Olympics team for over 3 years. Besides flag football, he also participates as a unified partner for basketball and track and field. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys running, golfing, fishing, and hanging out with his 6 year old husky/collie mix named Bailey. Jeremy has worked in medical device supply sales for 3 years. He was excited for the opportunity to represent Team Minnesota in Seattle at the 2018 USA Games.


Aimee Libby | Unified Partner

Aimee (Wonder Woman) Libby has been involved with Special Olympics Minnesota since 2011 when she helped start the St. Michael-Albertville Stallions delegation. Aside from acting as Head of Delegation for the Stallions, Aimee also participates as a unified partner in Flag Football, Basketball, and Track & Field (Athletics). Special Olympics plays a huge part in Aimee’s life as her daughter is an athlete, her son is a unified partner, and her husband Chad is the Team Minnesota Unified Flag Football Head Coach. She has assisted Special Olympics Minnesota in many capacities, including helping run area competitions, creating apparel designs for SOMN volunteers, and assisting at Summer Sports Camp. In the few moments of her life that aren’t devoted to Special Olympics, Aimee enjoys photography, creating artwork, spending time at the cabin, fishing and being outdoors, volunteering for other non-profit organizations, listening to music and singing, and spending time hanging out with friends and family. Aimee is self-employed as a Freelance Graphic Designer and has been working independently for the past 10+ years. She was very honored to have been selected to represent Team Minnesota in Flag Football at the 2018 USA Games. This was an incredible opportunity she had the privilege of sharing with her Stallions and Team Minnesota teammates.


Chad Libby | head coach

Chad (The Libster) Libby has been coaching with Special Olympics for the past 6+ years. He has coached flag football, bowling, basketball, and track and field. Growing up, Chad played a variety of sports, including hockey and football with the Orono Spartans. He first got involved with Special Olympics because of his daughter who is an athlete. He’s also been involved with all the ins and outs that go into running a successful Special Olympics team as he’s married to the Stallions’ Head of Delegation. Outside of Special Olympics, Chad enjoys coaching his son’s sports teams, watching and playing sports, being outdoors, spending time at the cabin, hanging out with friends, and spending time with his family. He’s worked in education for over 19 years, currently working in a district office setting working with students and staff. Chad enjoyed leading Team Minnesota Flag Football in this amazing experience at USA Games.


Olivia Lutz | Assistant coach

Olivia (The Coach) Lutz has been with Special Olympics for 5+ years, starting back in high school when she began coaching as a way to bond with her sister who is a Special Olympics athlete. Olivia has coached as well as competed as a Unified Partner with the Stallions. At 20 years old, she helped lead the charge, coaching the STMA Blue Basketball team to win gold. Olivia has coached Basketball, Flag Football, Track and Field, and Bowling. She has also been involved in many of the other events and opportunities the STMA Stallions offer their athletes and unified partners, such as the Ogni Voce unified choir, various fundraisers, and community-service projects. Olivia enjoys the incredible feeling she gets after each and every practice with Special Olympics athletes. Olivia is also grateful for the tremendous amount of support her employer Wells Fargo Bank continues to provide.


Derek Vetsch | Athlete

Derek (D-Money) Vetsch, 16, is in his second year of competing with the St. Michael-Albertville Stallions team. He has completed in flag football, basketball, and athletics, and will add bowling to that list this year. He also took part in the STMA Special Olympic annual choir concert, performing a short solo. Derek has a tremendous passion and enthusiasm for sports, but especially football. He can often be heard giving his own play-by-play announcements and team updates to friends and family. The lessons and experiences from Special Olympics has provided Derek with an incredible opportunity to display his strengths and gain confidence along with building amazing friendships, experiencing the joy of competing and a feeling of achievement. Derek was extremely excited and proud to be given the opportunity to represent Special Olympics Minnesota at the 2018 USA Games.