Q. how old does my athlete need to be to join the stallions?

A. Special Olympics Minnesota (SOMN) requires that athletes be age 8+ in order to compete at the Area and State-level competitions. Athletes may begin practicing with our Stallions group when they are 7 years old.


Q. How do I know if my child qualifies to be an athlete?

A. You can find specific criteria here. The Stallions do not determine eligibility - this is left up to Special Olympics Minnesota and medical professionals.


Q. What if someone isn't very coordinated or athletic, can they still join the Stallions?

A. YES! Special Olympics Minnesota has opportunities for all ages (8+) and abilities, so please don't be intimidated when you think of a specific sport and what it traditionally entails. We do our best to work with and accommodate all athletes.


Q. are there any specific "rules" that have to be follow if someone join the stallions?

A. Yes. Special Olympics Minnesota has outlined Code of Conduct requirements for anyone who joins:

Athlete/ Unified Partner Code of Conduct
Coach Code of Conduct
Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct
Volunteer Code of Conduct

Those who join our Stallions team will be held to the Code of Conduct(s) listed above that best fits their classification.


Q. What specific sports do the stallions offer?

A. Currently, we offer Basketball, Track & Field, Flag Football, and Bowling. Our athletes also have the opportunity to do Golf, Swimming, Bocce and Softball with our Monticello Maverick friends up the road. We work together with them so we can offer athletes from both of our groups more sporting opportunities.


Q. How often do you practice for each sports season?

A. Typically we hold one practice per week per sport for each specific sport season. Mondays are when we hold our weekly practices for Basketball, Track & Field, and Bowling. Flag Football practices are held Thursdays. On occasion there may be additional practices or modified schedules due to upcoming tournaments/competitions, availability of practice facilities or weather concerns. We do our best to communicate these changes via email and our Facebook page in a timely manner so parents/caregivers can plan accordingly.


Q. Can I simply show up to practice and participate as an athlete, unified partner, coach or volunteer?

A. No. Unfortunately, we sometimes run into situations where a parent/guardian will bring their child to practice and expect they can jump right in and participate. Due to liability concerns, Special Olympics Minnesota requires that all athletes, unified partners, and coaches/volunteers have an application and appropriate paperwork on-file prior to them being able to participate at practice. Even if your athlete isn't planning to compete in organized competitions, he/she still is required to have the necessary paperwork on-file with SOMN before they'll be allowed to practice.


Q. Can I drop my athlete off at practice, a competition or event hosted by the Stallions?

A. Unless your athlete is able to get himself/herself to practice (i.e. drive themselves, bike, or walk by themselves), a parent/guardian is required to stay on-site the entire time of the practice/competition/event. Coaches and volunteers are there to assist athletes with sporting and other opportunities, not act as their parent/guardian. This is a liability issue, therefore, if an athlete is dropped off or left at practice without a parent/guardian, we will be forced to call the athlete's guardian and request they be picked up. If this does happen, the Stallions Local Sports Management Team (LSMT) will be forced to consult with Special Olympics Minnesota and follow their protocol for violations such as this. Failure to abide by this rule could result in suspension from the Stallions team and participation with Special Olympics Minnesota.


Q. For Area competitions, when can I expect to receive the schedule of events that gives specific times or my athlete's events?

A. We usually receive the schedule of times and events by end-of-day the Wednesday prior to competition. Schedules for state competitions are typically sent out at least a week or two prior to the start of competition. All schedules and information is sent out to our Stallions email distribution list as soon as it's received.


Q. Where else can I get information about Special Olympics Minnesota opportunities or competitions?

A. The best place to get information from is the Special Olympics Minnesota website. You can also download the Special Olympics Minnesota app from the Apple Store or Google Play. This is the best way to find out information about specific competitions/tournaments (i.e. schedules/match-ups, location, lunch details, parking info, etc.).