Providing opportunities through sports and community involvement
for individuals with intellectual disabilities.


Who are the Stallions?

The Stallions are a community-based group that's tied in with Special Olympics Minnesota. We offer athletic, social, musical, leadership, and community-focused opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities in an effort to help them transform themselves, their communities and the world. Our group is a diverse group made up of athletes, unified partners, coaches, school liaisons, and families. We've got athletes and unified partners ranging in age from 8 years old all the way up to 60+ years old. People say we have a "family" feel. And we're cool with that. So, welcome to the family!


Team Goals

We do our best to keep things simple around here...


We're firm believers that everyone is more invested and engaged when things are fun. So we put a lot of emphasis throughout all the activities our group does on making sure we have fun. Fun training, fun being together, and fun meeting others along the way!


We all have different abilities, and that's okay. What matters is that we try our best. If we work hard, it'll show. If we don't, that will also show. But, as long as each person works hard, is brave in the attempt, and gives 100%, we're winners in our book!

03. be a good sport

We love competition. We love sports. And we love to win. But, winning means nothing if we don't show good sportsmanship along the way. Being a good sport, supporting teammates and opponents is a must within our Stallions group. We want to be known as a team with great athletes, but most importantly, the team with the greatest sportsmanship!

04. make an impact

We sure enjoy hanging out with our Stallions "peeps". But at the end of the day, we want to make sure that each time we gather, we're impacting each other, our opponents or the community in a positive way. Give a high five, pay someone a compliment, or flash a friendly smile. You never know what simple gesture might make someone's day!


“Have fun. Work hard. Be a good sport. Show your Stallions pride.”

{ Stallions motto }


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Interested in supporting the Stallions financially?

Checks can be made out to:
STMA Stallions

Checks can be mailed to:
STMA Stallions | 1315 Oakwood Lane | Hanover, MN 55341
Receipts available upon request